Costa Rica car rentals : what you should know about renting a car in the country

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Costa Rica car rentals : what you should know about renting a car in the country

Costa Rica is a South American country which offers tourists and visitors various attractions. When you are in the country, you will need a vehicle to rent when visiting some landmark places like Monteverde and the Cloud Forests, Tamarindo, Dominical, and Mal Pais amongst others. This article intends to advise tourists on things they need to understand about hiring cars in the country.

Reasons why a car lease in Costa Rica is important

When you make that visit in Costa Rica, there are terrains in the city which makes it crucial to use reliable costa rica car rentals agencies to help make your journey easier. To enjoy your stay, you will need to use a nice vehicle to navigate around the country.

Moreover, flexibility is another point why taking a car lease in the country is ideal. Taking public buses is stressful and might not offer the comfort leasing a car gives. When you use a reliable Costa Rica service, you will get cars that are in top condition.

Furthermore, if your visit to Costa Rica will be longer, it pays hiring cars to make your stay pleasant. You could rent a car per trip or rent a particular vehicle throughout your stay, the choice is yours.

What you should have when renting a car ?

If you are on a business trip or a holiday in the country, you will provide some documents before you can use the Costa Rica car rental firm. They include:

  • A genuine Passport
  • A business or tourist visa
  • Drivers permit

The car rental service in Costa Rica accepts both their own or your country’s driver’s license. However, for those whose driver’s permits isn’t in Roman alphabets like Chinese or Japanese, you will be asked to get a driver’s permit. Costa Rica doesn’t accept photocopies, you will have to go with your original driving permits.

Age considerations for car rental

When considering leasing cars in this place, an individual has to be at 21 years and above. While some countries accept 18 years. Ensure you ask the rental firm what their age requirements are before renting a vehicle.

Furthermore, Costa Rica doesn’t have any age cap when you lease a vehicle. Senior citizens can rent cars as they wish, and they are exempted from paying insurance costs.

These senior citizens are encouraged to lease cars with some of these incentives. Some cars are easier to drive for senior citizens than the younger population.

How much is charged ?

The amount collected by Costa Rica rental services vary depending on the car available, the length and the insurance you have taken. In recent times, car leases have astronomical services which can make it a bit costly, especially during festive and vacation seasons.

Using average calculations, a small SUV hire cost $350. However, when the same car is rented during Easter or vacation periods, it goes between $500 and $650.

The post has explained what is needed when leasing vehicles in Costa Rica, why it is ideal to get a trusted car rental service and other relevant information people should know. Don’t hesitate to try out the best rental service when visiting this location.