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Friday, November 16, 2018


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Please find below a selection of testimonials from some of our very satisfied advertisers:

This site was great. I paid $67 to advertise on auto and got no results. I had a response within 1 hour on your site and sold my vehicle.

Thanks much.
Running my add paid off,I sold it in a week!!! Thanks Jeep classifieds!

I placed my add and within 1 day I had 60 viewers and an acceptable offer.
I had a check in hand within 3 days and before cancellling the add after only 4 days, there were a total of 160 viewers.

I highly recommend this site!

Bob - Tampa, Florida

I was a little apprehensive to use your site to sell my Jeep. What a dope I was. You have a great service, thanks for the help. I sold my Scrambler in two weeks. I just wanted to thank you and let me know if there is anything I need to do other than delete the add.

I'd also say that the people that replied were very versed in their Jeeps and were easy to work with and responded in good manner

Thanx everyone. I deleted my ad as my Jeep sold.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for this site.

I placed an ad here a few weeks back to sell my 99 Wrangler and at the same time, placed ads in the local papers in my town.

I never assumed that my ad on your site would amount to anything.

Last week, I received an email that I had received a reply and I upgraded my ad out of the free trial.

After speaking with the proposed buyer, we went over all of the specifics of the deal and when he and I were convinced we had a deal, we made arrangements to have him drive down from CT to eastern Long Island to buy and drive away in my Jeep.

While sorry to see it go, I knew I was selling it to someone who would love it as much as I did.

Thank you for creating a site that ACTUALLY works.

Just to let you and everyone know, your website works GREAT!!! We put in our ad about a week ago and we already sold it.I was surprised at how many inquiries I received.Your website is the greatest.
Thank You for a great tool......

Your site was awesome, in just a few days i received some great reply's from potential buyer's. I actually traded my car for the vehicle that i wanted to buy after i sold my jeep. Which saved me money in the long run.


My jeep has been sold to a gentleman in the Orlando FL area. I want to thank all of you for your interest and forbearance as this process unfolded.
I have been very pleased with the success of the sale through

Len Sholder
I am absolutely satisfied with the results from placing my ad on . I received 10 of what I call "legitimate hits" on my 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4, three were sincere attempts to buy the Jeep that did'nt pan out as there were travel and financial concerns, and I hit paydirt with a buyer looking for my specific model and equipment listing, was willing to pay a fair price and we met halfway between Shreveport LA. and Sullivan MO to deliver the vehicle.
Another used-car listing website claimed extraordinary results, and I received not one viable interest in the vehicle. (, I also question the emails I received from advertising on their site, as I feel it was from their own network of workers trying to keep me, the seller, from feeling satisfied that their website was working.
Your website is THE SOURCE for anyone looking for Jeep vehicles or parts and I would highly recommend your service in the future. If not for, I'd still be trying to sell my Jeep.

Thank you!
Thank you! I sold my jeep from YOUR SITE in only 7 days, AND I actually got $2500. more than I was asking because of the knowledgeable jeep-oriented people your site attracts. Thank you!
I only wish I had known of your site before I spent the time searching and found it. There are so many "bogus" info-collecting sites, one never knows if any responses will be legit; your site brought me buyers with cash in hand!

Thanks again!
I would like to cancel my account please, I have sold my ad and my account is no longer of use. Thank you

My jeep has sold within one week, you guys are great! All I have to do now is remove the listing. How do i do this? Thanks.

Just wanted to let you know that I sold my Jeep. Thanks for the listing.

I just sold my postal jeep. My experience with this website was great. with only 10 replies i sold it! This is wonderful. I will look for future vehicles here as well as selling any others I may get. Thanks again for all your help.

I just sold my Jeep this morning. Thank You,

Please cancel my add . It is sold


Thank you for helping me to sell my jeep. I do not know how to indicate on this ad that the jeep has been sold so that I will not get anymore replies.
Thanks again!


Thank you:
I posted my ad with you on 6/Aug. The Jeep was sold on 7/Aug. It had been view over 90 times and I had two email responses.
This is a great web site.

The jeep that I had in the classified has been sold.
Thank you

Having sold my m-38a1 jeep and trailer as of today. Please cancel my ad on your web site . Thank you

Just sold my jeep, and wanted to let you guys know that I think this site is great and have told several people about it, because I had a postal jeep and they really do need a targeted audience. I had a lot of response, and most people were serious. Thanks again,

I just want to let you know that I sold my 91 Jeep Wrangler.
Thank you

I have deleted my add because I sold the rigth hand drive vehicle in four days on the website. Thank you very much best money I have ever spent.

My listing has been sold

I sold my 1969 Jeepster Commando wagon today. I went on the website to delete my ad. Thank you for your great site, especially informing us about the bad cashier's check scam. I would recommend you to everyone looking to buy a Jeep.

Hi, this is just to let you know I sold my Jeep please remove my ad Thanks

I would like to say thanks for your site. I posted my add and sold the jeep in 1 and half weeks. Very pleased!!! Thanks, Lori


I just wanted to say thank you for your help! I sold my Jeep Wrangler yesterday to someone who saw my ad. Your website provided me with more inquiries than any other method I've tried. I was surprised at how much interest there was from people not within my state of residence. This proved to me that your site allows much more exposure to prospective buyers than many, more expensive methods. Thanks again, and I will certainly refer your site to anyone I can!

I just wanted to let you know I sold my jeep monday. The $14.95 I spent on the ad was the best money I ever spent. Thanks for your help.

I have just sold my Jeep parts and wish to delete my ad. I believe I sold them to a lead from your site.

It worked...I sold my jeep! Thanks a lot guys. Now how do I get my ad deleted? Thanks again. Great site!

my wheels have sold

Your ad sold my jeep in 5 days. Your service is terrific. I need to cancel the ad.

Thanks, I sold my 1984 CJ7 today, thanks to your WEBSITE......I wish you guys would start one for Airplanes, I need to sell one and buy another.......thanks again.

My 2003 Rubicon sold very quickly. This is a very good resource and I expect it will become the benchmark for all future Jeep reselling.


Please cancel the ad.   we sold the jeep.

A. Polansky
I just wanted to say thanks for the great website.  I posted my jeep on Thursday and sold it on Saturday.  I had 411 views of the ad when I deleted it on the 3 day.  All this for $14.95.  Great site. 

I sold my jeep to a local individual today. Please remove my ad and thank you. I would use your site again, has much exposure.

Michael W. Henry
After only 9 days, I sold my Jeep CJ7!! Thanks for this great website! And thanks to all of you who either viewed my ad and, of course, a big thanks to the buyer!! Hope you enjoy the jeep!

This is a great site to expose your Jeep. I posted my ad for about 3 weeks
and it generated over 1700 hits. I had lots of serious contacts and the Jeep is sold. Thanks again.

I have to thank you. I listed my two right hand drive jeeps on Saturday.
I sold the first one Sunday morning and the second one on Tuesday. Your website is amazing!!!Thank you so much!!!

I just wanted to let you know that I sold my Jeep 5 days after I listed it on your site.

We got the cash in hand last night! This site is great and I will definately recommend it to any other 'Jeep People' that I come in contact with.

Just wanted to thank you for providing an invaluable resource to the Jeep buying & selling community. My vehicle was viewed almost 6 thousand times while listed on your site. I sold it yesterday from a lead generated by

I will definitely use the service again in the future, and at such an
economical price, I'll recommend it to others.



One week on your site and my Jeep was sold!!! Spent 6 weeks on "Autotrader" and just a few posers that did not appreciate all I put into the Jeep.

I will spread the word about your site. Thanks again!!


I sold my jeep using only your website! Thanks for providing a great place for us jeepers to use!

Anyway, if I hear anyone talking about buying or selling a jeep, you're the first place I'll tell them to go!

Thanks again!

Hello, I wanted to take a moment of time to say Thank you! I sold a jeep a few years ago using Auto and it took a while and cost a lot more.

I was going to list with them again, but they raised their rates and I could not afford it. I was lucky to find you. What a great deal. I loved waiting to find a serious buyer first. I picked the person that seemed most ready to buy and in no time, he was here and the Jeep is gone.

I am thrilled. Your website is great. I really appreciate your help.

I sold mine finally after putting it on your site. It took a couple of weeks for buyers to find it but i've been absolutely covered up with interest since.
Thought i'd leave you some feedback. thanks

I have now sold 2 jeeps thru your website without any hassles, the last one today. This is a great service.


My 1946 CJ-2A sold for full asking price. I had excellent response to the ad, many inquiries. Thank You. You provide a damn good service!


Thank you for this site. We had hundreds of views and 16 interested buyers. The Jeep went to a great couple who live within 10 miles of us. Thanks for the site. I will be back when I can get another Jeep.


Your website by far got me the most leads/offers on the jeep, compared to eBay, Craigslist, I got legitimate good people nterested from your site.

I want to thank you all (involved) for providing this web site for the new and the old patrons of the Jeep Wrangler. I posted my ad / jeep for sale and got the exposure that I was looking for - but also a high quality of clients. While some potential buyers were wasting my time (no fault of the site or business model ) the majority were truly, truly interested in Jeep Wranglers.

The site offers a centralized location for people with a common Wrangler passion to come together and truly get excellent VALUE - both for buyers and sellers...

I tried another site at the same time (which will not be named)and got nothing but teenagers on their high and mighty horse of how they know more about jeeps than the next guy... *shaking head*

Regardless, thank you Keep up the good work and wish you guys the best...


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