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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


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I have to thank you. I listed my two right hand drive jeeps on Saturday.
I sold the first one Sunday morning and the second one on Tuesday. Your website is amazing!!!Thank you so much!!!
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You can then opt to pay the one-time $14.95 fee through our online payment system which activates your listing to 'fully active' status and allows you to see the contact information for everybody that enquires regarding your Jeep for as long as it's listed on our system, and you can then also place clickable links to websites and enter your contact information directly into your ad if you wish.

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There is no set time limit to how long your ad can run as a trial and this method is totally different to what any other online classifieds offer!
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We are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Daimler Chrysler corporation in any way.

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