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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


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All Jeeps urgently required!

To satisfy the needs of our massive user base, we urgently require more Jeeps to be listed for sale. Buyers visit daily to try and locate specific Jeeps for sale and we need more Jeeps listed to satisfy the huge and growing demand.

Our buyer/seller ratio is grossly out of balance and we have thousands more buyers coming to us daily to buy a Jeep than we have sellers who have Jeeps to sell.

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At this very moment, there are people browsing the classifieds!

There's no fee to list your ad and no commission payable to us when your Jeep sells.

It's not at all unusual to see a Jeep listed on a Friday and by Monday the ad has been viewed by 1,000 people and dozens of people have responded wanting to buy the Jeep. That gives you an idea of our traffic and the size of our userbase.

With no listing fee's and no commission due to us when you sell, you have nothing to lose by listing your Jeep for sale and seeing what kind of response your ad generates.

Our system offers you a completely free trial and you only pay if you'd like to upgrade your ad out of the free trial which gives you more benefits and the ability to respond to people who contact you about your Jeep. You can upload up to 6 images per ad with no cost, you can edit and adjust your ad whenever you like, and your ad is distributed across dozens of partner sites.

Whether you're selling a beaten up project that's been sitting in a barn rotting for the last 20 years or a magazine featured rock crawling show Jeep for $100k, you're not the first person to do so and Jeeps at both ends of the spectrum and everything in between have been sold through

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There's nothing to lose and your Jeep could be sold by tomorrow!

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