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Friday, October 19, 2018


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If you suspect that classified #40730 could be a scam, please take a moment to report it to us so we can investigate.

The most popular scam we see is 'sellers' wanting you to send them money before you've seen the item they're advertising. Sometimes they may claim that you can send them a percentage of the money, then they'll ship you the vehicle, part or whatever they're advertising, then if you're happy with it you can send them the rest of the money.

Sometimes they say they are out of the country on business or the Jeep/part etc is located somewhere else away from them.

This is a scam and you are just giving your money away to an untraceable stranger.

Be wary of anyone wanting money sent to them via Western Union, MoneyGram or other electronic transfers and please do inform us if you suspect that any classified might be a scam.

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